I create my paintings with love and I really want my viewers to feel and see it ...





                      oil painter

Let's get acquainted!
 My name is Katerina and I enjoy painting a lot. For as long as I can remember I loved painting since my earliest childhood.
 I grew up in the Soviet Union, where almost everyone lived equally poor and modest and one could only dream about many things. I not only dreamed but also drew all of my dreams. I invented extraordinary landscapes, magical countries and cities, inhabited by beautifully dressed happy people mixed with fabulous characters.  In general I built my world in pictures. And this childish joyful feeling that makes you feel like a creative god on your canvas has stuck to me to this day. Painting is generally a very exciting activity, painting is a separate life and the artist’s eyes are like a mirror of the universe. I am sure that the artist lives in each of us because we all dream and each carries a piece of the beautiful world.
  I love the sea. I grew up by the sea, on the southern coast of Crimea. I can sit for hours at the beach, look at the waves, listen to their noise. Therefore seascapes are one of my favourite themes. I love summer as well: the sun, lacy lilac shadows, the smell of the south. So I have a lot of summer works too. It’s cool to draw it in the winter. I live in the Netherlands. The winter here is quite mild but windy and rainy. I turn on a light music or the sounds of the sea in my studio and paint summer. I begin to live in the paintings world while making it. It becomes a little beautiful vacation, not a job. I think that if an artist works with ease then the lightness and positive are transmitted to the viewer. Painting is still largely mysticism and every painting has a soul. No wonder there is a term "art therapy". Art heals. I create my painting with love and I really want my viewers to feel and see it...



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